Past Workshops

The Healing Muse: Therapeutic Writing

This program helps you connect with your creative, imaginative source to give voice to your inner wisdom. Each session explores different ways to access your inner voice and give her/him an active role in your healing journey. Dreams, Early Memory & Visualization will be engaged in this process group workshop. Participants will be asked to write/draw between sessions. No prior writing experience is required!!

Break Up Blues… Why Am I not OVER it!!!

When a relationship ends with someone we cared for deeply, it is difficult for most people. Sometimes it is made more difficult when friends and family do not understand why you cannot just “move on” and find someone new or just enjoy your new found single life. There is a reason there are so many songs, poems, movies, novels about this topic, matters of the heart can be painful and difficult to understand. This is a short term therapeutic group for folks who are struggling with the end of an intimate relationship. In this group you will have the opportunity to explore your experiences and gain support from group members. We will also explore moving through your experience to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and clarify your perspective on your relationship with your former intimate partner so that healing your broken heart can begin.

The Tasks of Life

This 5 part workshop series that looks at 5 aspects of your life journey: work; family & friends; intimate relationships; self & body image; & spirituality. Through visualization, collaborative conversation, writing & art, each session will explore one of the tasks of life. This workshop is for folks who are seeking inspiration and forward momentum in their lives. This program can be taken as a series or as individual workshops.


Whether you work 9-5 in an office, night shift in a restaurant, work freelance, work at home, stay at parent, are recently retired, between jobs, transitioning to a new job, volunteer or go to school (or any combination of the above), we all do something that we call “work.” Since it occupies so much of our time, taking the time to explore how we relate to our working lives and visioning how we might make changes to enhance our work life experience makes a lot of sense. We will explore your world of work past, present & future and create a first step toward enhancing your work life.

Social Life

People need people. Some of us need just a few folks in our lives. Others adhere to the motto “more is always better!” And others still prefer the company of their dog or cat or birdie over people! Regardless, our relationships with others are vital to our feelings of connection and being part of a community. Our relationships with others reflect on our understanding of ourselves and gives meaning to our lives. We will explore your relationships with your friends & family and help you visualize ways in which to move towards deeper connections.

Intimate Relationships

“But I’m single, I don’t have anyone to talk about!”

“We’ve been together for 20 plus years, not much can change now”

“ We just met, why analyze it?”

Wherever you are single, newly involved or in a long term relationship, clarifying your vision & expectations of intimate relationships can help shed light on the path forward. This session explores intimate relationships and the supports you in making more meaningful connection with your significant other.

Self & Body Image

“I talk to myself, but I don’t always hear the answer I am looking for!”

“I am giving myself the silent treatment…”

“How do others see me, feel about me?”

“I feel like I live in a foreign body!!!!”

In this workshop we will explore how you experience yourself & feel in your own body. Through exploration of past experiences and current understandings of the body we will explore being present with our bodies and move towards greater acceptance thus creating a greater sense of wellness and connection with yourself.


“I don’t really know how I feel about all that spiritual stuff.”

“I believe there is a God or a higher power, but I don’t really want anything to do with religion.”

“I think that the idea of God is actually inside of all of us”

“I am in awe of the wonder & vastness of it all.”

Whether you are religious, spiritual, an atheist or a theist we have at times experienced something that feels bigger than ourselves and is outside of our day-to-day experience. This session explores our experience of the vastness of life of so that we may deepen our feelings of connection to others and the universe.