What to expect

Like a tree in the forest,

we are individuals within a community that interact and rely on each other.

Each tree is unique in that it has its own root system of past experiences that not only anchor us but are the sources of our learning and growth.

The tree in the forest is part of and is affected by a larger ecosystem just was we are part of a larger social contexts.

My counselling approach is holistic which means that you are understood as a whole being: Body, Mind and Spirit living within social contexts (family, intimate partners, work/school, friends) as well as other larger social forces (environment, culture, economy, politics, history).

When you feel well emotionally, spiritually and physically you feel a sense of wholeness. When your whole being is well, you feel a sense of connection. The need to belong and more importantly feel a connection with others is vital to overall wellness. We all want to have a sense that we belong and have a purpose in our lives. When we do, we feel a sense of fullness, part of a community; something larger than just ourselves.

However, when you are having difficulties in life, it is very hard to feel connected. You may feel lonely, isolated, confused or misunderstood. Or you may be feeling no feelings at all. We all feel like this at times in our lives and it is a strange thing that when we feel the most isolated is sometimes when we need to connect with someone the most.

When you work with me, we will be discussing your current situation and how it impacts your relationships, including your relationship with yourself. I may also want to understand your family history and explore how that may relate to your present circumstances. Each person interacts and responds her or his social circumstances in a unique manner. And that is where we will begin. We will seek to understand not only what brings you into counselling but also your unique background and strengths.

When you want to make change happen in your life, you need to know what you are aiming for. It is important that you have a picture of what wellness looks like for you. A question I often ask during a counselling session is: How will you know that things are better? Together we create your wellness plan and then we work together to figure out ways to get there.

My work with individuals and couples combines collaborative-therapeutic conversation, mind body awareness with creative expression. I do not use a “one size fits all” approach to counselling. Instead, we will tailor your counselling sessions to meet your unique needs. Encouragement, focusing on strengths and resilience are the main focus. I find that focusing on these things helps foster hope, which leads to a sense of momentum, which in turn offers leverage out of the places where you may feel stuck or lost.