Commonly Asked Questions

 1. How long does counselling last?

It depends. Each of us has a unique experience in counselling and length of time depends on the issues you want to work on. If your concern is narrow in focus then 6 to 10 sessions may be enough. For issues that have been long standing or are more complex, more sessions may be useful. Each person’s healing journey is unique, it may not be useful to apply strict time limits. I will however, work with you to ensure that your counselling experience meets your needs.

2. How often do I come to counselling?

Again it depends on you and the issues being worked on. Many people come once a week. Others come less or more often. Some clients return to counselling for a “tune up” or because other issues have come up. 

3. Is what I say to you confidential?

Yes. Everything you share with me is confidential. There are however three limits to confidentiality that all mental health professionals must follow. They are:
a. if a child is or may be at risk of abuse or neglect, or in need of protection;
b. if I believe that you or another person is at risk of imminent harm;
c. for the purpose of complying with legal order such as a subpoena, or if the disclosure is otherwise required or authorized by law.  In these three cases I am obligated to break confidentiality. If any of these three concerns emerges during counselling I will do my best to discuss this with you before I do. In addition, in some cases I seek professional consultation. However, during the consultation, your identity will be kept in strict confidence.