The body is not an apology

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photo (12)The body is not an apology is a website and a facebook page that promotes radical self love. It is a refreshing tonic to the barrage of confusing and contradictory messages embedded into our culture about our bodies. It promotes valuing of one’s whole self in the present moment – not at some future time when things may be different. I am glad that the website exists, but I am also sad that I am glad. Sad because of the punitive self talk we use on ourselves to keep us from living life to the fullest and we therefore need websites like this to help us reverse the brainwashing. Sad that some folks who critique posts from The body is not an apology Facebook page, accuse the writers of promoting poor health and obesity while completely missing what that critique’s underlying message is: Unless you are a certain, size, shape, weight, colour, gender etc, then you should not celebrate the gloriousness of your existence. The critique implies that someone who may be viewed as overweight, should not be happy- that something must be wrong.

Conversely, other critiques of the website and facebook page state that people who happen to be thin are rejected.  It is true that sometimes when a group feels oppressed and vilified that there can be a reactionary rejection of people who are viewed as  the source of the oppression….. But folks this is not what it’s about. It’s not us versus them, fat versus thin….this idea of radical self love is for everyone and extends beyond ourselves to the acceptance of others as they are.

How will you engage in radical self love today?

Mercedes Baines is a clincical counsellor and runs Mind In Body, a private practice based in Vancouver, BC. Click Here to contact her